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If you’re here because you’re an ambitious, new or aspiring entrepreneur with a vision and a dream… but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated, then you’ve come to the right place. This is your opportunity to move from feeling totally paralyzed by your FEARS of judgement, rejection, and failure… to channeling your gifts and passions into a successful and purposeful business, creative project, or side hustle.

The ‘Start Right Now’ podcast will take you on a journey from ASPIRING to ACTUALIZING your potential to LEAD, LAUNCH, and GROW in your new business and in your life. Motivational quick hit episodes and candid conversations with entrepreneurs will reveal actionable strategies to conquer your fears and boost your productivity, motivation, creativity, and fulfillment - however messy, bumpy and imperfect the journey might be.

40. Screw your BOXES! Start owning all the dimensions of your identity - with Coach Anya Soto

April 21, 2021

Who are you, really? Are you conscious of the boxes you have put yourself in? Are thinking about the dimensions of your identity as limitations or as super powers?

In this episode with entrepreneur, Certified Professional Coach, and Culture Consultant Anya Soto, we will challenge you to free yourself of the labels that YOU have put on yourself and give yourself permission to be whoever and whatever you want to be. I wanted to share this conversation with you, in case this is the challenge you’re up against in finally getting started on your own thing.

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